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Lurisia is an exceptionally light mineral water from the Italian Alps, with just 34 mg/litre in minerals* and less than 3 mg/litre in sodium.

Bottled at the source of the spring at 1,400 metres above sea level in the Western Alps, this water has a developed a near cult following, not only in Italy but particularly also in the USA, on account of its unique purity. In fact so pure is the water that some restaurateurs prepare their ice cubes from Lurisia for their customers' whiskey!

The water also has a history. It was first discovered in 1917 during a mining expedition to find radio-active rock in the mountains above the village of Lurisia. Instead, they came across the spring from which Lurisia water still emerges, deep inside the mountain. They called for Marie Curie, the famous Nobel Prize-winner for Physics & Chemistry to see whether the water was radio-active. Fortunately it wasn't; in fact it was so pure, that, having analysed it, she claimed it to be a 'Miracle of Purity' on account of its astonishing absence of minerals, making it exceptionally light on the palate.

Metro Drinks supports the UK Charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care in giving free mineral water for its fund raising events, providing funds for over 250 hours of nursing care each year.

* total dry residue at 180°C

Lurisia Mineral Water

Unit size: 1000ml glass / 500ml glass

Case size: 6 / 20

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