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Folkington’s is a range of fruit juices that have unique provenance and authenticity. They are made from pure (not concentrated) fruit juice from selected varieties grown in Britain and around the world. They contain no preservatives, added flavours, added sugar* or unnecessary artificial additives or sweeteners. We pasteurise each juice before bottling to ensure that they taste as fresh as they were on the day the fruit was pressed.

* Except in the pink lemonade

The range comprises the following:
Orange juice – made from Valencia oranges grown in Spain
Apple juice – made from Russet apples grown in Sussex and Kent
Pear juice – made from Conference and Comice pears grown in Kent and the Three Counties
Old Fashioned Pink Lemonade – made from Femminello lemons grown in Sicily and a dash of British raspberry juice
Cranberry juice – made from Stevens variety cranberries grown in Quebec, Canada
Tomato juice – made from tomatoes grown in Navarra, Spain

Further information on the provenance and tasting notes are available at

Folkington's Gourmet Fruit Juices

Unit size: 250ml bottles (Glass)

Case size: 12

Shelf life: 18 months

Storage: Ambient

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